Bianca Reyes

Hi, I’m Bianca! Now let’s start from the beginning, since I think it’s important that you get to know me. I’ll give you the speed dating version for now though, cause you’ll soon see that we’ll grow to learn a lot about each other on this real estate journey.

First of all, I was born and raised in the DC Metropolitan area, so who knows this area better than a native? I have seen many areas grow and change over the years, and for all of those who already know me, they know I embrace change! I love it, actually, so real estate seems to be a perfect fit since it involves constantly change: changing areas, types of homes, price changes, clients’ life changes, personality changes, you name it!

I grew up in a South American household and I’m first-generation American. My family is from Bolivia, Colombia and Argentina. Family is everything to me. And mine, in particular, is a funny bunch. We are all entrepreneurs and work together. You have a business idea? Bring it on!

I speak Spanish, studied French, and learned Italian over the years. I graduated from the University of Virginia with a focus in psychology and biology.  During my last year of school I studied abroad in Italy, which over the past two decades, has become my second home.

Tired of reading? I’ll sum up my life with the three L’s: Living, Lifestyle and Love!

LIVING – That’s easy, I work with everything there is to do with real estate. I can help you with buying, selling, renting or investing in DC, Virginia, Maryland and even Italy (yup, that’s right!). I was even a licensed settlement agent for over 10 years. Currently, I service the DC Metropolitan area and my preferred title company is Smart Settlements LLC.

LIFESTYLE: Speaking of Italy and “la dolce vita”, I also managed some short term rentals in Venice and Sardinia. That’s a whole other world of mine, but if you’re curious, feel free to check out Travel for Rookies.

LOVE: You haven’t lived if you haven’t loved. I’m a passionate person and love living life to the fullest. To keep things exciting, I also work as a diamond dealer and help design engagement rings in my family’s jewelry store, Velasquez Jewelers . Yes, I’m a hopeless romantic!

Have more questions for me? Contact me anytime at bianca@thereyesgroup.com or call 703-606-8610!